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Recent Work Completed by Blue Marlin Construction LLC

2019 - Jon Rie Intertech Manahawkin NJ

Total Site Work

2019 - Dollar General Malaga NJ

Total Site Work

2019 - Cafferys Restaurant - Forked River, NJ

Total Site Work - Back Yard

2019 - Dollar General Manchester NJ

Total Site Work

2019 - Outback Restaurant, Mays Landing, NJ

Installation of Storm Tech System

2018 - Bank of America Sea Girt NJ

Total Site Work

2018 - Dollar General - Absecon, NJ

Total Site Work

2018 - Dollar General - Egg Harbor, NJ

Total Site Work

Galloway Township

Excavate two retention basins, total 8000 cubic yards, grade basins and haul topsoil to basins.

Morey Place, Waretown

Supply and deliver 6400 cubic yards of fill to four new homes located on Morey Place

Bowline Drive, Manahawkin

Clear lot and excavate for basement prep for installation of superior walls.

Joffre Road, Forked River

Installation of water and sanitary sewer services, underground recharge system using 280 cultec system. Grading of property.

Orlando Road, Forked River

Repair and install new roff leader system and fill existing property washed out from Sandy storm.

Clair Road, Forked River

Road Improvement Project - Extension of existing road for development of 4 homes. Workd completed during project clearing, earthwork, sanitary sewer, water main and paving.

Woodland Road, Forked River - City Water and Sewer Taps

Tap water and sewer main, two 4" sewer main taps and two 1" water main taps.

Stockton University

Deliver 400 loads of structural fill for the building of a parking lot by Command Co. Inc.

Hampton Inn, Galloway Township

Supply and deliver structural fill for building pad site.

Bowline Road, Manahawkin, NJ - 3 lot subdivision

Removal of 200+ loads of fill, install basement, Install drainage system for 2 homes, installation of Mueller meter pits and underground water and sewer lines. Install 1300 square feet of Allen Block retaining wall.

Lakeside Drive Commercial Structure

Complete Site work for 3000SF building in Lacey Twp. NJ. Import 2500CY fill for building pad excavate supply and install 2200CY of k-5 sand in the bottom of retention basin. Tap twp sewer main extend 4" lateral to building, tap 12" water main extend 4" fire service to building and install 1" service to building. Grade and topsoil all areas, install 1800 SY of DGABC in parking lot for sub base of asphalt.

Long Beach Island Demolition

Surf City Demolition 1900SF removal of house and detached garage, after completion of demolition, lot was filled in with clean fill for new construction to be started.

Grading at Gunning Hills Estate in New Jersey

Supply and Grading of 2500 cubic yards of k-5 sand to cover the bottom existing the retention basin TBI Homes Inc at Gunning Hills Estates NJ Repair of 15" HDPE Drainage line at Gunning Hills Estate